Company information

About Mutsaers Textiles

Mutsaers Textiles, formerly W. Mutsaers and Son. The company was founded in 1825 by Mr. B. Mutsaers. In 1981 Mr. A. Nooteboom handed over the case of the then director / owner, Mr. A. Beukers. In 1984, Mr. A. Nooteboom transferred the case to his oldest son, Hank Nooteboom, the current director. Mutsaers Textiles has begun in a building on the Ringbaan Noord in Tilburg. Now Mutsaers Textiles' building is located in Technopol 29 Tilburg. Today we are a well-known textile wholesale company focused on the business-to-business industry. For example, we sell to market buyers, fabric stores, webshops and clothing companies.


Mutsaers Textiles is a textile wholesaler that develops and sells fabrics to companies. We focus every six months on the release of a new complete collection of fabrics, and use two seasons, namely spring / summer and autumn / winter. Our collection consists more than 270 different types of articles subdivided into different colors, designs and compositions. Our team evolves beautiful unique items that stand for our passion in the textile. A collection that is popular in both the Netherlands and abroad. Our fabrics can be shipped or you can pick them up. Entirely according to the customer's wishes.

Worldwide delivery

Mutsaers Textiles has grown in the recent years.Our customers are located all over the world, and therefore we deliver to the whole world. Especially in countries such as Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark and Austria we already have many satisfied customers that we serve daily and provide the most unique fabrics.

Our promise

With more than 190 years of experience, Mutsaers Textiles stands for honesty, reliability and quality. That is the mindset we use. Recognized by our competitive prices / quality ratio, the best collections and providing a good customer service. With our large stock of more than 2 million meters of fabric. Due to our good cooperation with postal companies, we offer our customer a very fast delivery. At Mutsaers, the customer is always in the first place. We are professional specialists who continue to do our best for our clients.